UPHOLSTERY 4.0 13.08.2019


Did anyone expect that robots would participate in the production of upholstered furniture? Solutions that have been known so far from production models among e.g. the percentage of cars successfully enter the production of upholstered furniture. And this is a fact that you will be able to see at Drema // Sofab // Furnica as early as September 2019.

Upholstery 4.0 is an event at which we will show solutions awarded with the Drema Gold Medal 2019 and Sofab 2019. These will be systems for the automation and robotization of the upholstered furniture production process. We will present an innovative ROBOTIZED POSITION IN THE FURNITURE PRODUCTION PROCESS of InfoTEC RSP, which allows the use of robots in individual stages of upholstered furniture production. At the UPHOLSTERY 4.0 event stand there will also be a MACHINE FOR CONSTRUCTIVE CUTTING OF PUR FOAM AND OWAT with the InfoTEC VAC FOAM spreading system. In addition, we will present an ultra-efficient automatic nesting center for InfoTEC PRO EVO PLUS furniture frames contouring machine for cutting flexible foams InfoTEC C FOAM .

For InfoTEC CNC, 2019 is a period when it enters furniture production with automation and robotics. He successfully implements various robotic production stations in companies producing upholstered furniture. This is due to several economic factors and changes that occur in social phenomena that affect the entire furniture industry. These include, among others: a continuous and strong increase in furniture production in Poland, increasingly difficult access to staff and an increase in employee costs, more frequent and faster adaptation of products to the market, caused by, among others “Fashion”, creating product models in the long tail model. The above factors make furniture manufacturers expect faster and more flexible and more effective systems from machine park suppliers, and InfoTEC CNC provides them with it, which will be demonstrated at the UPHOLSTERY 4.0 event.

TAPICERNIA 4.0 zone is directed to producers of upholstered furniture and service companies of various sizes. The wide range of products presented in the zone will allow every entrepreneur to find solutions for themselves. In addition to InfoTEC CNC, the zone will also contain products from such companies as: Allcomp, Amatec, ITA Tools, Kronospan, PUREKO, Ramaro, TopSolution, Woodinspector.

Experts in the field of automation and robotization of production as well as practitioners who will present the process of production of upholstered furniture will be available. It will also be a great opportunity to establish business contacts with both technology suppliers and products or accessories for the production of upholstered furniture.