Ideas, concepts and project ideas, smoldering in their heads, are usually the beginning of a great adventure in business.
And the best business is the completed one.

InfoTEC INKUBATOR is an initiative that promotes supporting the young, ambitious generation in professional development and gaining experience in business. The project is mainly targeted at students and people with ideas. The INCUBATOR‘s assumption is to support creative people in creating their own business or marketing their own product. InfoTEC INCUBATOR is open to people who want to realize their own concept, but do not know how to do it or do not have adequate facilities.

Are you wondering what the incubation process looks like?


Each project is analyzed for future success in business by a team of specialists. The team consists of entrepreneurship practitioners who have vast experience in various industries. Only projects that inspire both specialists and the InfoTEC CNC board are eligible for the next stage. The second stage will consist of individual consultations with the originator and selected representatives of the INCUBATOR. The last, third stage will be the incubation process. The incubation process itself depends on the progress of the project, on individual negotiations and on the expected success in the developed market.

What you can gain thanks to the InfoTEC INCUBATOR?


We help you realize and introduce your vision or project to the competitive market. To this end, we have launched several tools that will support your entrepreneurship in development, including:


  • access to technology
  • training and mentoring of entrepreneurship practitioners
  • office space
  • support in finding partners
  • extensive contacts in various industries
  • promotion at international fairs and conferences
  • legal and accounting assistance
  • and other needs depending on the project

Remember, however, that you join the INCUBATOR, and its task is to create “micro-spaces” with favorable conditions that affect a stable position for development and promote the possibility of rapid success, but whether you achieve it will largely depend on you and your commitment.

Fill out the form and submit your idea for incubation.
Remember, the better you present your idea, the better your chances of incubation.

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Inspire us an idea and we inspire you to action!