InfoTEC CNC | Polish CNC machine manufacturer!

A brand with history and tradition!


The history of the InfoTEC CNC machine manufacturer dates back to the 1990s. The impulse to build the first computer-controlled machine was the passion of the founders for progress and innovation. From the very beginning, the company is run with passion and commitment, and the driving force of the company is the will of continuous development and the courage to create new perspectives. Perseverance in realizing the vision of building machines for professionals has made the InfoTEC CNC as a CNC machine manufacturer a synonym of quality and innovation, and the products delivered are highly appreciated by customers and industry experts.

With tradition into modernity!


Today, the InfoTEC CNC machine manufacturer holds a strong and established position in the machine tool industry. She gradually and uncompromisingly improves her products and runs her own research and development department, which implements modern solutions every year. It adapts its offer to the contemporary expectations of the industry on an ongoing basis. Innovativeness of InfoTEC CNC products, not only affects the client’s competitiveness in the market, but also reduces the negative impact of the company on the environment in the process of industrial production.

Polish producer! European brand!


InfoTEC CNC as a recognized Polish manufacturer of CNC machines in the domestic market due to the dynamic development confidently enters the world stage. Expansion to foreign markets has allowed us to establish cooperation with many distributors on various continents, including in: United States, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Sweden. The partners not only promote the InfoTEC CNC brand, but above all, Polish technological thought.

A brand with distinction!


InfoTEC CNC machines regularly gain recognition among specialists. From the very beginning, the company has received awards and distinctions for innovation of its solutions and for the impact on the development of Polish technological thought several times. We are proud that our products are appreciated not only by customers, but also by specialists. We believe that from year to year we will provide increasingly advanced CNC technologies that reflect the needs of Polish entrepreneurs and help them to compete on the domestic market as well as on the international arena.

Definition of the quality of InfoTEC CNC machines


Production of CNC machines in InfoTEC CNC is based on the knowledge and experience gained over 20 years in business. The design and construction of CNC machines is carried out according to strictly defined quality control procedures as well as synthetic and practical tests. The whole process is designed in detail to provide the highest quality machines in which both the latest technologies used in the CNC industry and proven solutions guaranteeing reliability and long-term use are applied.