Carpentry workshops for professionals!

InfoTEC WORKSHOP  is a free carpentry workshop, directed to professionals who want to develop and for those who are looking for answers on how to solve production problems such as:


  • production errors generated by so-called human factor
  • production errors related to misunderstood commands
  • time-consuming creation of material requirements
  • long-term production using many manual treatments
  • difficult access to qualified staff or even production employees
  • quality problems and long terms of outsourced services
  • no control over costs
  • and many others

During the InfoTEC WORKSHOP workshop, in addition to finding answers to previous questions, you can also get to know the solutions of digital production in a practical way, where the digitization of custom-made, unit or small-series furniture production is an unavoidable element of the future and is available today. It is also a great opportunity to learn about industry news and exchange experience and get in touch with other companies in the industry.


Workshops are organized cyclically in various regions of the country so that anyone interested can participate in the workshops without spending a few days, but only a few hours. In addition, the number of places is limited to be able to approach each participant individually and answer the questions that are most important to him.

Below is the calendar of the next workshop, if there is currently no date that suits you, please sign up and we will inform you immediately about new dates in your region.

please direct questions to: warsztaty@infotec-cnc.com

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Sign up today, the number of places is limited, the order of applications decides: