InfoTEC CNC offer

We give more than just CNC!

We go further than just selling CNC machines!

InfoTEC CNC gives you more than just CNC machines. The InfoTEC CNC offer goes beyond the sale of CNC machines. It also provides additional services that guarantee the ease and high comfort of purchase and use of machines. The entire purchasing process is designed in such a way as to best suit the product to the client’s expectations and at the same time maintain the clarity of the contract and machine parameters. In addition, every customer has an after-sales support that allows you to start working smoothly on a new device and use it seamlessly for a long period of time.


Range of  InfoTEC CNC includes:


  • industrial machine production technology
  • financial consulting
  • technical consultancy
  • technological support
  • CNC course and practical training
  • lifetime remote assistance.

Industrial CNC technology


The main activity of the Polish manufacturer of CNC machines, InfoTEC CNC is the design and manufacture of industrial CNC machines. All production processes are carefully planned and carried out with detailed quality control, so as to provide the customer with the highest quality products that will work without failure for many years.

Financial consulting


Cooperation with hundreds of clients and with many financing institutions, including subsidy companies, enabled InfoTEC CNC to obtain knowledge on financing business investments and recommend the best solutions for the client.

Technical consultancy


InfoTEC CNC provides its clients with professional advice in the field of individual configuration of CNC machines. A qualified sales staff and experience in the implementation of hundreds of CNC systems have made InfoTEC provide consulting at the highest level, so that the proposed CNC technology fully meets customer expectations in the field of the production process.

Technological support


Technological support for new customers is one of the key facilities resulting from cooperation with InfoTEC CNC. Thanks to, for example, support in choosing the right tools and material processing parameters, the customer can save time looking for information and focus only on things that are important to him. Support is provided for every customer of InfoTEC CNC.

CNC course and practical training


The course for a CNC operator with the skills of designing and servicing offered machines is ensured for each new customer. The training consists of a theoretical and practical part. The CNC course is run by qualified technicians who provide knowledge and skills in a simple and accessible way. The course for new clients is free. There is also the purchase of further training for later, for example new operators or for expanding knowledge.

Permanent remote help


During the whole period of the machine’s use, the customer has the possibility of using remote assistance and diagnosis. This service allows you to quickly get information about a potential failure or solve the problem. Practice shows that most inconveniences can be solved thanks to the possibility of remote assistance.

Mariusz Czapliński, Production Director
from Investment Trading Consulting sp. o.o.


“We are proud that our company is equated with high quality, reliability and reliability!


We have reached this opinion through hard, systematic work and thanks to such business partners as InfoTEC from Zasutowo. Because you can build a real business with such suppliers. They are reliable specialists, possessing vast knowledge about their industry, and machines coming out from under their hands are distinguished by their quality and reliability. “