Automation and robotization in the production of upholstered furniture 19.03.2020

Automation and robotization in the production of upholstered furniture

Automation in the production of upholstered furniture.

InfoTEC CNC offers solutions dedicated to the automation of the production process of upholstered furniture, from cutting the board for elements of the furniture frames, cutting the upholstery foam and ovates to cutting textile materials./p>

The product portfolio includes:


  • Nesting machining centers – InfoTEC PRO EVO PLUS
  • Horizontal liner – InfoTEC VAC FOAM
  • Vertical liner – InfoTEC C FOAM
  • Vertical automats – InfoTEC VA FOAM
  • CNC cutters – InfoTEC C TEX


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One of the first stages in the production of upholstered furniture is the cutting of wood-based panels needed for the production of furniture frames. An excellent solution to automate this process is to invest in an InfoTEC PRO EVO PLUS machining center for nesting. The PRO EVO PLUS machining center is designed for multi-shift, industrial work in carpentry plants of various sizes. Thanks to the possibility of cutting in one cycle from one to even three plates at the same time, it is perfect for both smaller and large carpentry workshops. In addition, the machining center is equipped with a loading-receiving system that allows one-man machine operation.


For detailed information on the InfoTEC PRO EVO PLUS machining center, please contact us: configure the machine.


Automation can also be implemented in the foam cutting department. Thanks to three basic models of foam cutting machines, InfoTEC CNC provides comprehensive solutions that allow you to improve the foam cutting process, both contour cutting and cutting the foam into slices. In addition, InfoTEC CNC having qualified technical and human resources, which can custom-design an automated system tailored to the needs of the customer with material loading and unloading, which will significantly increase production efficiency, especially in large upholstery factories or foam manufacturers, or service companies.


InfoTEC CNC foam cutting machines have an impact on both efficiency and material saving. InfoTEC CNC provides its products with high-performance spatial nesting aglorite that allows you to optimize the placement of details on the foam block.


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InfoTEC C TEX fabric cutters are perfect for automating the cutting department. The InfoTEC CNC offer includes single-layer cutters, which are dedicated to smaller manufacturers of upholstered furniture, but also work well in large plants in such departments as: prototype shop and / or complaint department. The use of cutters in the production of upholstered furniture primarily increases the efficiency and flexibility of production and optimizes employment.


InfoTEC C TEX has several different models in the range for different types of material. From compact cutters with material spreading to large-size cutters for cutting fabrics with a large roll width. For producers who use blues of natural leather, they can offer a cutter in video scanning, which allows optimization of the distribution and cutting of individual elements on the skin, taking into account its blemishes and shape.

Robotization in the production of upholstered furniture

In 2018, the official premiere of InfoTEC ENGINNERING (InfoTEC CNC units) took place at the Drema trade fair in Poznań, whose task is to design and implement automation and robotization, also in the production of upholstered furniture. The effect of their work is, among others robotic technology for knocking down furniture frame elements.


The key activity of InfoTEC ENGINEERING is close cooperation with the client, which allows to achieve the synergy effect (combining knowledge and experience from the client’s industry with the viewer and experience of specialists from InfoTEC ENGINEERING). The InfoTEC CNC unit’s offer includes design and integration of solutions tailored to the client’s needs: e.g. computer-controlled machines, robots, autonomous vehicles or automated storage systems into a coherent production system. InfoTEC ENGINEERING also has great potential for prototyping machines or entire production processes.