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Machines for the production of doors – Windoor-Tech Fair 2015! 19.03.2015

Presentation of CNC milling machine InfoTEC 2515 Professional at the Windoor-Tech Fair 2015!

At this year’s edition of Windoor-Tech, InfoTEC CNC presented a CNC milling machine of the Professional series for use in the construction industry. Multi-function milling centre has been set up as a machine for the manufacture of doors and façade of composites such as Dibond or plaster-cement board.


CNC milling machine InfoTEC 2515 Professional has a working area of 2500×1500 mm, with T-grooved table with suction cups and a small vacuum. It is also equipped with an angular unit with manual adjustable angle – the active C axis, for milling of doors with locks and automatic tool change.


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