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The milling centre for the New Year investment! 02.03.2015

Two milling centres of the PRO PLUS Series delivered to Nidzica!

In February InfoTEC CNC delivered two more CNC machining tools for cutting boards. 3121 PRO PLUS were purchased by a joinery firm in Nidzica. These companies are engaged in the manufacturing of upholstered furniture.


We invite you to look at the pictures taken during the installation of the machines.


Automatic milling centre InfoTEC 3121 PRO PLUS is the flagship product of InfoTEC CNC. Thanks to full automation and the use of feeding and collecting table, cutting of boards goes quickly and smoothly. Currently, a full cutting cycle including loading and unloading is approx. 7.5 minutes. The loading up to 3 boards together with the collection of finished parts (the process takes place at the same time) takes up less than 2 minutes.


For more information on this high-performance nesting centre go to the web page of the product at InfoTEC 3121 PRO PLUS.