Budma 2020 | summary from the fair 17.02.2020

Automation and robotization in the production of woodwork

InfoTEC CNC’s slogan for Budma 2020 was “Automation and robotization in building joinery”. This slogan reflected the offer presented at the fair. At the InfoTEC CNC stand you could see, among others automatic line for cutting gate panels InfoTEC X-PRO CUTLINE, 5-axis machining center for ALU, PVC and wood profiles InfoTEC X-PRO 5AXIS and a universal 4-axis machining center configured for processing door leaves or facade materials. In the InfoTEC ENGINEERING zone, the robotic nest for the production of prefabricated InfoTEC X-ROBOTICS prefabricated house walls was shown for the first time.

Automatic line for cutting door panels InfoTEC X-PRO CUTLINE


InfoTEC X-PRO CUTLINE is an automatic line for longitudinal and transverse cutting of door panels used in the production of sectional doors. The use of lines in the production process of sectional doors allows to automate the process of cutting panels to size. The cutting process is controlled by a microprocessor controller and a series of sensors that enables precise and repeatable cutting. InfoTEC X-PRO CUTLINE is equipped with two cutting aggregates with large diameter circular saws – for cross-cutting the aggregate is additionally equipped with a undercutter, which ensures a perfect edge after machining. The model presented at the fair had a feeding table and an automated receiving area for ready components.

5. Axial machining center for InfoTEC X-PRO 5AXIS ALU, PVC and wood profiles


The 5th axis machining center for ALU, PVC and wood profiles, InfoTEC X-PRO 5AXIS, presented at the fair, was directed to joinery manufacturers, in particular to window manufacturers. The center was equipped with a spindle with a 5-axis working range, 8 pneumatic vices mounted on 8 beams with automatic positioning taking into account all operations performed to eliminate any collision. InfoTEC X-PRO 5AXIS also had a revolver magazine, a tool length measurement sensor and mechanical bases for positioning the workpiece. The 5-axis X-PRO 5AXIS machining center allows for such operations as: cutting at an angle, milling beans or drilling for fittings.

Robotic nest for the production of prefabricated walls of InfoTEC X-ROBOTICS prefabricated houses


InfoTEC ENGINEERING at the Budma 2020 fair presented a robotic production nest used in the process of manufacturing walls of frame houses. The solution shown was only a fragment of the entire automatic line for the production of prefabricated house walls cooperating with the CAD / CAM program. The production nest presented consisted of two Kawasaki robots moving along a common track. One equipped with a vacuum gripper for laying panels on the structure, the other had two pneumatic staplers for industrial applications. Optimization of the robot’s work was developed in such a way that each of the robots could perform its task regardless of the work of the other robot. This allowed to reduce the production cycle time by 70%.