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InfoTEC 4121 Energy in the water industry! 19.02.2015

Installation of the InfoTEC CNC machine in England for a customer from the water industry.

Industrial milling plotter CNC InfoTEC 4121 Energy was implemented at the customer’s site as a machine for the processing of polyethylene – PE and HDPE.


It is used in the manufacture of systems of flood control pipes, sewage, drainage and other systems associated with this branch of industry.


InfoTEC CNC in addition to constructing the aforesaid machine, in response to the customer needs, also provided such support as:

  • advice on the selection of appropriate parameters of CNC
  • device designed according to customer needs (increased working area of 100mm)
  • logistics support
  • installation of the machine at the customer’s site
  • training on the service and selection of tools


Specification of the ordered industrial CNC milling plotter:

  • InfoTEC 4121 Energy with the spindle 3.9kW HSD manual
  • vacuum for 8 sections + pump Becker vtlf 250m3
  • precision tool length measurement sensor
  • external control panel with integrated computer
  • portable panel for the operator – handwheel