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Trade Fair with the idea! Taropak 2014! 03.10.2014

Our ideas at Taropak 2014 trade fair! Milling plotter InfoTEC 4022 Energy!

At this year’s edition of Taropak 2014 we showed the possibility of using – in the packaging industry, the industrial plotter InfoTEC 4022 Energy.


The CNC milling plotter was equipped with an industrial spindle on ceramic bearings, active pneumatic oscillating knife and a knife for cutting at the angle of 45 degrees.


This combination of accessories is perfect for creating personalised packaging, prototyping and creation of punches as well as removing burrs in the process of thermoforming.


The potential of the machine also enjoyed great interest among advertising agencies working on materials that are becoming increasingly popular in visual communication – all kinds of foam and cardboard.