Automation of custom-made furniture for small and medium-sized carpentry companies 15.04.2020

« Automation of furniture production to size for a small and medium carpentry company! »

We present the automation of the furniture production process to size for small and medium-sized carpentry workshops. The proposed solutions are modular and each of them makes production easier, faster and more accurate. Thanks to the high flexibility of these modules, the introduction of automation in the furniture production process can take place gradually, which reduces investment barriers and facilitates crossing the barrier of changing beliefs resulting from habits to traditional production methods.

Automation takes place thanks to the use of digitization in the production process, i.e. the use of digital systems for the design, management and production and assembly of furniture. The InfoTEC FACTORY system is flexible, hence it can be individually configured depending on the needs of a given plant, but all combined into one integrated system will make the production optimized in terms of efficiency, cost and employment.

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« Key components of automatic furniture production | InfoTEC FACOTRY »


InfoTEC FACTORY – digital furniture production to size, has two key components – the program for designing and managing production, InfoCAM CABINET and the InfoTEC EVOLUTION machining center, which are integrated with each other and create a coherent digital environment. They allow you to quickly achieve the effect of simple, flexible and efficient production.


Below we present the key elements of InfoTEC FACTORY that are ready to be introduced in your carpentry workshop and additional elements that can be individually applied depending on your needs. We will also present you with machines and devices that will increase efficiency and improve the ergonomics of work in your plant.

The digital furniture production process traditionally begins with a design, but in the InfoCAM CABINET system this is a key element. InfoCAM CABINET has algorithms and necessary production rules that allow you to extract from the project all the necessary information needed at subsequent stages of production. Thanks to the digital dimension, every project, every material list, every executive file for machines is in a virtual folder, thanks to which we can have access to it at every stage of production and in any place. We no longer create manual documentation, which we must pass on at every stage. In InfoCAM CABINET, the entire circulation of documents and files is done digitally.

InfoTEC CNC has prepared a series of InfoTEC EVOLUTION machining centers for small and medium-sized carpentry. The InfoTEC EVOLUTION series includes two models – InfoTEC EVO and InfoTEC PRO EVO, which are dedicated to different plant sizes. Each of these models has the ability to adapt to their own needs, among others through the selection of accessories affecting the flexibility of production and its efficiency, such as: a receiving table for ready components, a system for loading the plate into the working field or additional angle aggregates. The offer also includes ready-made machine configurations that perfectly match the needs of carcase furniture manufacturers.

Executive files for InfoTEC EVOLUTION machining centers are generated in InfoCAM CABINET, so you don’t have to create separate projects to control the machine. InfoCAM CABINET retrieves all necessary technological operations from the project and automatically transforms them into center control files.

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« Components supporting furniture production automation InfoTEC FACOTRY»