The new line of precision engraving machines CNC 24.01.2014

We are pleased to announce that InfoTEC expands its offer of precision CNC engraving machines with a new product line marked with SQ.

  • InfoTEC 330SQ
  • InfoTEC 660SQ


CNC engraving machines of SQ Series offer in particular:

  • very high motion dynamics by optimising control system and efficient use of servo drives,
  • hard rigid mechanical structure with a low level of vibration,
  • high positioning accuracy thanks to precise linear motion,
  • optimal utilization of space in the production plant, thanks to a compact monolithic housing of the machine in the shape of a cube.


We offer for machines of a new product line:

  • high speed precision spindle of 2 to 8 kW,
  • efficient oil mist cooling systems and much more…


If anyone of you is interested in a commercial offer for the above products, please contact the representatives.