Digital furniture production 03.06.2019

re-EVOLUTION | Digital furniture production to size!

A revolution in the production of furniture to size. Choose from over 2,000 ready-made furniture models, adjust to size, or create a furniture structure your own way, then generate production files and manage production remotely. Save time and increase profits.

Thanks to the extensive library containing over 2,000 ready-made constructions of chest furniture, which you can still individually customize, you are able to design any piece of furniture or chest furniture easily and quickly. You can also easily create your own furniture design with individual parameters, i.e. height, depth, width, bevels, joining system, fittings, accessories or the type and decor of the board using a comprehensive library of fittings and accessories..

Production management is easier than you think. It has never been so easy and available immediately. Using the InfoCAM CABINET solution, you can manage your production from anywhere. Just click to approve the project or send it directly to production. You can also communicate with the team through the system, so that no information escapes into the ether.

InfoTEC CNC provides a comprehensive solution for the production of custom-made furniture, which has a positive effect on the speed of order processing and on increasing your company’s profits.

Generate quotes, material lists, and production and assembly documents automatically from the project. You may not know about it, but by designing in InfoCAM CABINET, the program intelligently generates all necessary documents and material lists, so you don’t have to spend time on it. You just click and you have it.

Production. Nothing easier. You put the furniture board in full format on the work table of the InfoTEC EVOLUTION machining center, select the program (which has already been automatically generated in the system) and the machine performs drilling, nutting and cutting the board into pieces in one continuous process and in the highest quality.

Digital production brings small and medium carpentry to a new higher level of development and competitiveness. Increases production efficiency, reduces costs, eliminates errors and saves valuable time. It also provides full control over your carpentry – you easily supervise the execution of orders, costs and information flow.