Summary of Drema fair 2019 23.09.2019

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Drema 2019 was held under the slogan of robotization and automation of furniture production processes.

Robotization and automation in the furniture production process is a look into the future, not only the development of InfoTEC CNC, but above all the development of the furniture industry. Robotic production systems, known mainly from the automotive industry, are also beginning to play a key role among furniture manufacturers. At Drema InfoTEC CNC presented three InfoTEC RSP robotic production sockets, which are dedicated to manufacturers of cabinet and upholstered furniture. The solutions presented were examples of robotic production stations that can be modified and configured. InfoTEC CNC also has a unit – InfoTEC ENGINEERING, specialized in designing and building the foundations of individual systems.


The robotized InfoTEC RSP position received the Gold Medal at Drema 2019.


InfoTEC CNC at Drema 2019 also presented a wide range of its products, including: CNC milling machines, CNC drills, machining centers, nesting centers, machines for cutting foam and upholstery fabric. Each visitor could personally see the machines up close and learn about their work. Guests also had the opportunity to talk to technical and sales representatives and learn about the full InfoTEC CNC offer.


Particularly noteworthy was the case furniture production line based on the InfoTEC PRO EVO machining center with the integrated automatic furniture board magazine InfoTEC 4 EVO. The line was also equipped with a robotic production nest for collecting elements after processing.


Particular attention was also paid to CNC drills InfoTEC D and InfoTEC D LITE, which are an interesting alternative or complement the machining center with horizontal drilling.

Drema 2019 is also inspiration and news. In 2019, InfoTEC CNC was the coordinator of the Upholstery 4.0 zone and Global Kitchen Innovation. These zones were created to present in one place and time the full offer for furniture manufacturers – upholstered (Upholstery 4.0) and chest (GIwK). Synergic events in which companies such as: Abrys Sysmem, Allcomp, Amatec, Blum, Drew-Met, Frontres, ICA Polska, ITA Tools, Kronospan, Lamello, PUREKO, Ramaro, Shilsner, and presented their offer, which allowed visitors to comprehensively learn about new products in the furniture industry.


Upholstery zones 4.0 and Global Innovation in the Kitchen were also part of the Drema for Children project, which has been accompanying the Drema fair for several years. The aim of the project is to combine business activity with pro-social activity, which means that furniture for charity is produced during Drema.