Hybrid processing centers from the PRO HYBRID series!


The combination of the two most popular machining centers in one machine. Beam and nesting center located on 24 square meters.

Beam center with nesting table InfoTEC PRO Hybrid is a combination (hybrid) of two most popular CNC machines in the furniture industry – beam center and nesting center. PRO Hybrid combines the best features of both centers and is a great solution for manufacturers with a wide and flexible production spectrum. It also works well among customers who have limited production space. The combination of the beam center with the center for nesting is ideal for 4 and 5 axis machining. The center is also popular among producers in the window and door joinery industry.


The PRO Hybrid nesting and nesting center was awarded the Gold Medal at Drema 2017. The CNC PRO Hybrid machine received a positive opinion from the Polish Patent Office.


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