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InfoTEC PRO EVO machining center and possible configurations.


Each InfoTEC PRO EVO machining center can be individually configured by selecting the right accessories. We encourage you to take advantage of our experience gained from over 1000 applications Contact.



InfoTEC PRO EVO comes in various variants depending on the efficiency needs and the available space in the carpentry workshop. The machining center can be equipped with an automatic loading and unloading system as well as only unloading or loading material. More about the configuration options of a given machine, ask a technical-commercial advisor at: mail.


  • the body itself
  • with the receiving table
  • with a feed table
  • with a receiving and pickup table
  • with a receiving and feeding table and a docking station
  • with a receiving and feeding table and an automatic printer
  • with connection to the automatic warehouse


Attributes at a glance


  • Possibility of feeding the plate packet to the working field or individually.
  • The possibility of installing a C axis or a large drilling unit.
  • Vibro-vacuum vacuum extraction system.
  • Automatic positioning of various disc formats.
  • New linear system and increased stiffness of the door.
  • Tool presence sensor + 14 position tool storage.
  • Large tool sensor, the possibility of using larger diameter tools.
  • Pneumatic setting of suction height on the receiving table.
  • Housing with sliding doors for easier use.
  • Housing with sliding doors for easier use.

Machining center tailored to your needs


InfoTEC PRO EVO are industrial machining centers for individual configuration. Thanks to a wide range of additional accessories, the customer can adjust the device to specific production needs. The PRO EVO series opens up enormous possibilities of adapting the product to the requirements of the manufacturing process. They are available, among others:


  • drill chillers for vertical and / or horizontal drilling,
  • additional suction cups for processing the narrow edge,
  • angular aggregates with an adjustable machining angle,
  • revolver magazine,
  • printer and label reader
  • or e.g. an increased Z axis,
  • and many others.

Examples of applications of the machining center and other CNC machines can be found in the tabs Videos and Gallery.

We encourage you to contact our representatives who will help you choose the right machine for your needs. Contact.

An example configuration of the InfoTEC PRO EVO machining center


  • Two machining units | The use of two machining units in the center – drill chute and spindle, allows you to optimize the machining cycle, by eliminating the machine travels needed to change the tool.
  • Tool magazine | The InfoTEC PRO EVO machining center can have a 14-position tool magazine and a starter tool packet. More space in the warehouse accelerates, for example, the production of furniture fronts. There is also the option of installing a revolver magazine.
  • Flexibility of use | The possibility of feeding the panel to the working field, both individually and as a package, without the need to change the machine.
  • The delivery system | The use of the plate feeding system on the working field allows to automate the production process and enables one-person service of the center.
  • Versatile use | The InfoTEC EVO series includes the possibility of installing the C axis, which increases the flexibility of machining.
  • Automatic positioning | The automatic positioning of the material on the working field is ensured by pneumatic mechanical bases that allow precise and repeatable directing of the entire plate format as well as smaller formats (eg plywood).
  • Ergonomics of use | Pneumatic adjustment of the suction height in relation to the material thickness.
  • Receiving table for ready-made elements | An optional reception table for ready-made elements definitely affects the efficiency of work and speeds up the production process. During the next machining cycle of the machine, the operator has time to collect ready-made elements.
  • Work in clean conditions | A comprehensive dust collection system, including cleaning of the working field and processed parts, guarantees clean operation. The cleaning of the working field takes place automatically, which eliminates downtime between cycles. Vibra-vacuum vacuum extraction system between the receiving table and the working area for the preservation of finished parts.
  • Central lubrication system | Maintenance of the device is an important issue of using the center and regular lubrication should be ensured. The option is to install a central lubrication system that automatically gives the right amount of grease at the right time, which guarantees a longer machine life and eliminates the need for manual lubrication by the operator.
  • Vacuum and fixing of material on the working field | The InfoTEC PRO EVO machining center has a working field with a raster structure that evenly distributes the negative pressure over the entire table surface. As standard, the table is divided into 6 symmetrical sections controlled by electrovalves, which guarantees that the material is securely fastened on the working field. For customers who have a variety of disc formats, it is possible to customize the customer section. Thanks to this, it will be possible to mount smaller panel formats.