Robotics in the production of upholstered and cabinet furniture


InfoTEC ENGINEERING unit dedicated to robotics and automation of production processes in the production of both chest and upholstered furniture, as well as other manufacturing facilities. The InfoTEC ENGINEERING offer includes: industrial robots that are used, among others to:


  • preparation of elements for the production of furniture frames,
  • applying glue,
  • stitching or screwing,
  • transferring elements from station A to station B,
  • operation of other CNC machines.

The advantages of using robots in the production process:


  • the possibility of connecting the robot to the integrated production management system, Industry 4.0,
  • speed, precision and repeatability,
  • employment optimization,
  • long-term, continuous and trouble-free work,
  • work in arduous conditions,
  • work in six axes,
  • the ability to configure tools, eg staplers, mechanical or pneumatic grippers.

InfoTEC ENGINEERING also offers:


  • tracks for robots
  • autonomous vehicles
  • automatic warehouses
  • automation of CNC machines
  • design of production lines
  • integration of existing systems