CAD/CAM programs

Other CAD / CAM programs


InfoTEC CNC machines also work with other programs, so that the customer has the freedom to choose the right solution that meets his expectations.

Cobust NEST – cutting optimizer

What is nesting?


The aim of the nesting is to achieve the highest possible degree of arrangement of the desired, various elements for cutting on the prepared material. Elements of various shapes (geometry) are nested in the raw material in such a way as to minimize waste or ensure maximum efficiency from one sheet of material. Nesting takes into account the routes of commuting, the order of machining – eg drilling, as well as optimizes the order of cutting.

The most important features Cobus NEST:


  • Powerful calculation algorithm / Nesting
  • Minimization of costs related to waste generation
  • Calculating the demand for raw material
  • The possibility of cutting on a common line
  • Automatic setting of machining parameters



  • Manual correction by operator / technologist needs
  • Synchronization with other CNC machines
  • Automatic creation of labels
  • Quick implementation thanks to the ability to import files from Excel or a text file .csv
  • Generating an NC file for a CNC machine controller

ZW3D – integrated system CAD/CAM

ZW3D is a system that streamlines design models and their processing on CNC machines. ZW3D CAD / CAM software is a cost-effective solution for 3D modeling, as well as the creation of entire complex projects and for generating machining on CNC machines. ZW3D is widely used in the industry, in the processing of wood, plastics, models, forms and other spatial solids.


One of the main advantages of this solution is a powerful data exchange option. You do not have to worry about repairing geometry after conversion to neutral formats because ZW3D handles the direct import of files from SolidWorks, CATIA, Inventor, Creo, NX and SolidEdge.

Corpus – CAD/CAM for furniture manufacturers

Corpus software is a complete CAD / CAM solution for cabinet furniture manufacturers who focus on speed, simplicity and quality of design. The program is created by furniture manufacturers for furniture manufacturers. Corpus is perfect for the production of kitchen furniture, office furniture and wardrobes. The use of CAD / CAM Corpus has a positive effect on the speed of order fulfillment, among others thanks to parametricity and simple transfer of the project to the InfoTEC CNC machine.

Corpus software provides a complete solution and will take care of:


  • Designing of any furniture constructions.
  • Cutting optimization – nesting.
  • A direct form of project presentation for the client.
  • Calculation of material costs needed for production.
  • Technical documentation for production.
  • Direct transfer of the project to the InfoTEC CNC machine.
  • Simple and clear interface.