Vertical machine



Vertical machine for PUR foam cutting


The InfoTEC VA FOAM vertical machine was developed to optimize the upholstery foam cut.


Vertical machine, i.e. optimization in upholstery foam cutting


InfoTEC CNC, a company specializing in the production of computer controlled machines, has launched innovative polyurethane foam cutting systems that have a major impact on improving production processes and optimizing them. The InfoTEC 2321 VA FOAM vertical automatic unit has been designed for cutting foam blocks into narrow formats. The working field’s working range allows for machining in the range of 2300x2100x1300mm. The working area has an air cushion and a laser measurement of the cutting length in relation to the size of the foam. Cutting is carried out with a serrated band saw.

The InfoTEC VA FOAM vertical automat is a device distorted on the furniture and service market. It is an easy-to-use machine whose main purpose is to cut blocks from polyurethane foams into any format (sheets). The machine is able to perform longitudinal cuts by a given dimension using two sliding boards placed on the work table and a moving saw arm. The movement of the foam block on the work table in relation to the knife and the movement of the machine’s gate is carried out using servo motors. Both feeds are controlled and programmed from the desktop (PLC controller with touch panel), where we can enter the desired size, number of cuts, cutting length and cutting speed. The saw software allows you to memorize a dozen cutting programs that can be quickly activated without having to enter all parameters. The construction of the saw is made of heavy steel profiles, which guarantees high stiffness of the device and accuracy during cutting.

Technical information InfoTEC VA FOAM


  • Steel frame and machine body,
  • Cutting system: serrated band saw,
  • Electronic control panel with LCD display,
  • Metal working table with blowing (air cushion),
  • Pneumatic tensioning of the blade,
  • 2 electronically controlled boards,
  • Cutting speed adjustable with a potentiometer,
  • Cutting length set automatically to the size of the foam (measurement with a laser sensor),
  • Automatic shutdown of the machine after the end of the work cycle,
  • Machine work safety system,
  • AC servo drives,
  • Control software with cutting optimization,
  • Lubrication kit for the machine,
  • Knife motor power 3 kw,