CNC saw for gate panels



CNC saw for gate panels and aluminum panels


The CNC saw is designed for longitudinal and transverse cutting of gate panels with a large diameter of circular saw blades. The machine was built on the basis of a heavy stable steel structure and is equipped with powerful 5.5 kW units for longitudinal and transverse cutting. The movements of the machine are controlled by a microprocessor PLC programmable by MITSUBISHI with the possibility of integration with ERP (* .csv) programs and loading the cutting queue.

CNC saw for gate panels is characterized by efficiency and repeatability


The CNC saw is equipped with an automatic panel homing system based on pneumatic clamps and a gripper. The gate panel is mounted on the work surface by means of pneumatic clamps, it guarantees equal guidance and high repeatability of the cut. The maximum dimension of door panels that can be cut on the device is 13500x800x80 mm.


The machine’s working table is covered with special rollers that prevent them from being drawn while moving the panels. The machine is also equipped with an efficient and effective chip and dust removal system that arise during cutting.


The device also offers automatic feeding and receiving tables (buffering), which increase the throughput of the machine. The offer also includes marking systems (labels, ink-jet printing) that facilitate the identification of cut elements during subsequent execution processes.