Vertical liner



Vertical liner for cutting foam with InfoTEC VAC FOAM rotating blade

  • Heavy steel frame and machine gate,
  • Cutting system: endless rotary blade,
  • Electronic control panel with LCD display,
  • 2 tape tables joined together to move the block,
  • Carrier belts for easy loading and unloading of the material with the drive,
  • Pneumatic tensioning of the blade with adjustment,
  • Cutting speed adjustable with a potentiometer,
  • Automatic shutdown of the machine after the end of the work cycle,
  • Machine work safety system,
  • AC servo drives,
  • Design software with automatic nesting (layout optimization),
  • Lubrication kit for machinesy,
  • The power of the knife drive motor: 4 kw,
  • Laser for material positioning.

Vertical InfoTEC VAC FOAM is a versatile device for cutting various types of polyurethane foams with different hardness. The option is also to enable the layering of the ovata. Cutting takes place using a rotating, endless blade. Rotary tables are also used for cutting, which allow making any shapes of furniture elements from foam sheets. The machine is equipped with tape tables and a buffer for preparation (lagging) of foam sheets (optional). Machine automation is controlled by means of software placed at the control panel. To obtain the desired cutting shape you can use: a digitizer table, a scanner or you can load a drawing created in a CAD program in the DXF format. The software also includes a very powerful nesting algorithm (optimizing the distribution of individual elements for cutting on the material). Digital production means that the whole production process of semi-finished products can be operated with the participation of one person, which eliminates manual processing carried out with the traditional method.