Vacuum thermoforming



InfoTEC CNC vacuum thermoforming machines


InfoTEC CNC, operating for over 20 years, has specialized in the production of computer controlled machines. It provides high-class devices for professional applications. One of the series produced by InfoTEC CNC are vacuum thermoforming equipment. Thermoforming machines from the T series are characterized by high technical advancement and a very good price-to-quality ratio. Machines are manufactured from scratch in Poland, and the components used are characterized by the legendary quality of their manufacturers, i.e. for example Bosch, Omron, Metal Work. InfoTEC CNC has standard models in its offer, as well as designs and manufactures thermoformers for specific customer orders.

Vacuum thermoforming process

The economic advantage of thermoforming over other technologies, e.g. injection technology, is very noticeable. This technology uses much cheaper devices and forms. In addition, the materials used in the reference models can be very different depending on the assumed series of finished products. Thus, this technology is ideal for both medium-volume production and the rapid prototype shop. Another advantage is the wide range of thermoplastic materials, which allows you to choose the raw material to your needs, eg transparency, color, resistance to weather conditions, etc. It is also worth noting that this method can be used to fabricate a lot of products and very small wall thicknesses.