Laser CO2



Precision CO2 laser for professional applications


InfoTEC CNC also offers large-size CO2 lasers, which are used both in the textile industry as well as in printing and advertising. InfoTEC LS lasers are primarily distinguished by their professional purpose and a large-size working field that enables the cutting of materials of considerable width. The LS series has the possibility of individual configuration, both in terms of the power of the source and the size of the receiving table. Depending on your needs, InfoTEC CNC can match your CO2 laser to your guidelines.

CO2 laser for cutting textiles


InfoTEC LS TEX is ideal for cutting delicate fabrics. The tool that is cut – laser, does not have direct contact with the fabric, thanks to this, even with a very delicate structure of the material leaves it perfectly cut. In addition, cutting is carried out by the “firing” method, thanks to this weaving will not stratify or shred at subsequent stages of production. Delicate and precise.

CO2 laser for printing and advertising


InfoTEC LS CUT is dedicated to professional use in printing, advertising and plastics processing. The laser is equipped with a large working table that allows the use of large format materials. Ideally suited for cutting and engraving, among others, such materials as plexiglass and other plastics, rubber, wood, plywood, paper, conglomerates and textiles.