Foam cutter



InfoTEC C FOAM foam cutting liner – technical parameters


  • Cutting system: rotary blade
  • Energy consumption: 7,2 kW
  • Digitizer or shape scanner (optional)
  • Electronic control panel
  • Starting the blade with the inverter
  • Rotary table controlled automatically
  • Carrier belts for loading and unloading material blocks
  • Pneumatic tensioning of the blade
  • Cutting speed: min 1m / min, max 15m / min
  • Cutting speed adjustable with a potentiometer
  • Automatic shutdown of the machine after the end of the work cycle
  • Visual alarm at the end of the machining cycle
  • Control lights to check the device’s performance
  • Security system with automatic gate

Liner foam cutting increases the flexibility and efficiency of production


InfoTEC C FOAM is a foam contouring machine with rotary knife, serrated endless. The contour cutting machine cuts out various shapes in multiple types of flexible polyurethane foams. InfoTEC 2424 C FOAM is used mainly in the furniture industry, especially in the production of upholstered furniture or in the production of mattresses. The liner is versatile, thanks to the possibility of foam cutting in blocks up to 2400x2400x1300mm. The machine is equipped with a rotary table thanks to which you can cut very complicated spatial shapes. C FOAM can also be used for slicing foam blocks as an alternative to other vertical, horizontal machines.

Foam cutting machine with rotating blade


InfoTEC C FOAM is an extremely versatile device for cutting flexible polyurethane, the main feature of the machine is the possibility of using cutting technology: rotary blade, which allows the customer to gain a number of benefits and unlimited ability to make any shape of furniture elements. Loading and unloading of the cut block is facilitated by the front roll and carrying straps on the work table, which rotates automatically to perform further processing of the same profile rotated by 90 °. Machine automation is controlled by means of software placed at the control panel. To obtain the desired cutting shape you can use: a digitizer table, a scanner or you can load a drawing created in a CAD program in the DXF format.