CNC cutter for advertising



Multifunctional, compact CNC cutter for efficient cutting and milling in a variety of materials.

CNC cutter for InfoTEC C CUT advertising


is the answer to the new trend in the advertising and printing industry. Faster changes in shop displays or one-time use of advertising materials have also changed the raw materials used for the production of spatial or sales support identification. Cutter CNC C CUT allows for quick and flexible, and more importantly personalized production for the customer. The compact cutter is perfect for cutting, also along the contour, such materials as: KAPA®, foamed PVC, magnetic foil, Dibond®, cardboard / cardboard, Dispa®, or honeycomb cardboard. Has advanced features with the use of packaging and sales support products. They are simple and intuitive to use. The software has a modern interface based on readable icons, which means that it does not require extensive operator knowledge and long-term training. InfoTEC C Cut is the fastest and most effective cutting and milling plotter in its class.

The C CUT series is a modern CNC cutter for digital cutting of materials with high precision and repeatability. Innovative, digital technology, modularity of tools and the ability to configure additional components of InfoTEC C CUT plotters make the digital cutting of the material shorten the time of production of finished products, increases accuracy and repeatability and positively affects the company’s profitability.


Additional components:

  • An additional field for ready items connected to the working field
  • Automatic unwinding of the material from the roll
  • Cameras for video positioning of base points
  • Laser for precise positioning of material on the working field
  • Barcode reading system
  • Nesting / cutting optimization

Tool modules:

  • Milling tool – milling module for working with such materials as: rigid PVC foam, aluminum composites, MDF. Perfect for cutting out spatial letters or for “breaking” Dibond®
  • Cutting Tool | Trailed – universal tool for cutting materials up to 5 mm thick.
  • Cutting Tool | Oscillatory – large oscillation 15,000 / min. makes it easy to cut hard honeycomb cartons or a significant thickness of up to 50mm.
  • Cutting Tool | Rotary – a tool for rapid cutting of the material with regular shapes and large radii of arcs.


  • Cutting Tool | Rotational – a module designed for cutting technical materials, eg. carbon fiber.
  • V-CUT tool – this module allows you to cut or cut materials at various angles – 15 | 22.5 30 | 45 degrees.
  • KissCut tool – for blind cutting of material, eg without cutting paper backing. Perfect for decorative vinyl, reflective material, window or car film.
  • Creasing tool – quickly and precisely creases cardboard, polypropylene, cardboard, structured materials.
  • Draw tool – a universal tool for drawing, writing and marking.