5 axial machining center




5-axis machining center with the possibility of nesting the full dimension of the furniture board.


InfoTEC CNC presents a 5-axis machining center with the possibility of nesting and processing the full format of the furniture board. The machine is equipped with a raster table with negative pressure for secure fixing of the plate, drilling unit and spindle for smooth processing in five axes. In the machine it is also possible to install suction cups for fixing the material above the machining table, which extends the possibilities of machining a five-axis center.

Five-axis machining centers are rarely found in companies that manufacture hard furniture, but there are companies that comprehensively approach their clients and offer them a full range of home furnishings. 5 axial machining centers in the furniture industry are mainly directed to manufacturers of chairs with curved backrests and to furniture manufacturers with a three-dimensional form, eg radial fronts. The possibility of milling in liquid five axes significantly extends the possibilities of machining, which makes the range of the company’s offer much wider.