CNC cutter for fabrics



CNC cutter for fabrics, synthetic materials and eco-leather InfoTEC C TEX

Compact CNC cutter for fabrics and other upholstery materials


InfoTEC 1616 C TEX was designed for smaller cutting rooms and upholstery. As well as the manufacturers of upholstered furniture, who expect full control over the production and want to independently cut the materials. C TEX has two working fields with dimensions 1600x1600mm – 1. for cutting and 2. for completing finished parts. Both working fields are connected by a conveyor belt. The cutter can be extended with additional tools, as well as can be adapted to the customer’s production requirements relative to the size of the working field.

Cutting up fabrics and upholstery materials!


The cutting of fabrics and upholstery materials takes place using various tools, which are selected depending on the design and the type of material. Cutter CNC InfoTEC 1616 C TEX is a universal cutting plotter that easily cuts various materials used in various industries, including Textile, furniture, automotive, aviation and many others. C TEX comes with 3 tools as standard – a DRT rotary knife, an EOT oscillating knife and a marking marker for cutting elements. There is also a possibility to choose other tools that will expand the company’s production capabilities.

Cutting of fabrics and materials in series or individual production!


Cutter CNC InfoTEC 1616 C TEX allows you to cut fabrics and materials in both serial production and unit orders. A number of available accessories and the possibility of individual configuration makes the CNC cutter work perfectly in various companies with different business profiles. Enterprises investing in this type of machine can realize production for their own needs or / and run a service activity.

Equipment of the cutting room with modern and universal machines as a way to develop the company!


Today’s dynamic market forces manufacturers in many industries to quickly adapt to the prevailing trends. Cutting room equipment in the digital dimension of production and the use of automation in it allows for high production flexibility and instant response to the needs of today’s client. In addition, a modern cutting room equipped with a CNC cutter integrated with efficient software for the textile industry makes production even more efficient and profitable.