Design and installation

Dust extraction systems


Dust extraction system design


Dust extraction system design is performed for each client individually. The team of engineers draws attention to all aspects of the plant and selects individual components in such a way that the end result is at the highest possible level.

Installation of dust extraction systems


Conducting the installation by a specialized company has many benefits. It will make the installation work smoothly, we will be sure that all elements of the system are properly installed and we get a guarantee of correct operation of the installation.

Offer of dust extraction systems


MG Machines specializes in the design, delivery and installation of complete dust removal systems. The offer also includes individual elements of dedusting installations, i.e.:


  • central and station filters,
  • silos and cyclones,
  • industrial pipelines
  • industrial fans.


MG Machines bases its offer on individual customer inquiries, so that it best suits its needs. Serves consultancy as well as sales and after sales support.