Designing and prototyping



Design and prototype unit InfoTEC ENGINEERING


InfoTEC ENGINEERING is a project of the InfoTEC CNC company that deals with designing production processes and creating prototypes for special customer needs. Synergy of experience between customer knowledge and experience, and InfoTEC CNC engineers, InfoTEC ENGINEERING designs and optimizes the contractor’s production process. The development of production models is based on close cooperation with the client who acts as an expert in the given industry, and a series of tests conducted by a qualified team InfoTEC ENGINEERING. The effect of cooperation is not only tabular data, but also designed and manufactured machines that take into account all customer requirements.


We invite you to direct talks with representatives of InfoTEC ENGINEERING. This will allow you to see how specialists from InfoTEC ENGINEERING can help you enter the higher level of your company’s development.



Robotization and automation of production processes



  • Robotics and tracks for robots
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Inter-operative transport
  • Automatic manipulators
  • Automated storage systems
  • Development of innovative production lines
  • Design and construction of prototype machines
  • Controllers and quality detectors
  • Palletizers and depalletisers