Automatic panel storage



Automatic panel magazine 4 EVO BASIC


The InfoTEC 4 EVO BASIC automatic panel storage has 3 pallet spaces with a dimension of 2800x2070mm, up to 160 furniture boards 18mm. This system is dedicated to the automatic loading of wood-based panels onto the working field of the CNC milling machine without the physical involvement of the operator or other people. The warehouse is controlled by a PLC controller. The automatic furniture panel storage supports both wood-based raw materials and conglomerates, the weight of which does not exceed 80 kg per sheet of the board.

Attributes at a glance


The use of automatic panel storage in the plant definitely affects the optimization of employment and production costs as well as security. It allows you to automate the process of cutting and drilling furniture elements, which can take place with the participation of only one person. The use of the InfoTEC 4 EVO BASIC magazine is also important in eliminating human factor errors and accidental damage to the boards when moving it for processing.