WORK AREA (MM): 3100x2100
Head travel (mm): 100
Travel speed (mm/s): 700
Spindle: from 8 to 20
Drives: Serwo AC
WEIGHT (KG): 3250
APPROX. SIZE (MM): 12400x3500x2500
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InfoTEC 3121 PRO PLUS highly efficient nesting for professionals in the furniture industry!


An automatic milling centre InfoTEC 3121 PRO PLUS has been recognized by industry experts, and awarded the PIF Gold Medal during DREMA 2014.


InfoTEC 3121 PRO PLUS – the automatic machining centre for cutting wood panels, is a compact and innovative solution to increase efficiency and bring real savings in the production process of furniture. Find out how much you will save with us. Contact an InfoTEC CNC representative who will calculate how much you can save.


The InfoTEC modern milling centre is equipped with a computerised material feeding and collecting system. Scissor feed table has the ability to load – with a forklift, up to 40 boards with a thickness of 18mm at the same time. Boards to be machined are automatically fed, up to 3 pieces for one cutting cycle. This process takes place while pushing finished items on the collecting table. The collecting table has a sliding belt with adjustable feed rate controlled via sensors. As a result, the rate is adapted to the needs of the operator.


Throughout the entire material machining process an automatic cleaning and dedusting system is working, ensuring continuity of production without the need to clean individual elements between successive board batches.


The machining centre is additionally fitted with a 5-station drilling unit and 6-station line storage for tools. The milling centre achieves cutting speeds up to 400 mm/s of 2 boards simultaneously, allowing the cutting of up to 100 boards per shift *.


InfoTEC 3121 PRO PLUS is the answer to growing market expectations for increased productivity and savings in resources. It is a complete system for the production of furniture frames, furniture fronts and cabinet furniture.


Materials machined:

  • wood-based raw materials – MDF (raw, laminated), chipboard (raw, laminated), plywood, OSB and other
  • solid wood
  • composites
  • plastics



  • cutting of furniture boards
  • nesting
  • production of furniture frames
  • production of furniture fronts
  • production of cabinet furniture
  • furniture production


*the data may vary depending on the tools and design applied.

Złoty medal na MTP EURO-REKLAMA 2004
Złoty medal na MTP EURO-REKLAMA 2007
Złoty medal na MTP EURO-REKLAMA 2005
Złoty medal na MTP EURO-REKLAMA 2011
Złoty medal na Targach Reklamy REMADAYS 2012
Złoty medal na MTP DREMA 2012
Srebrny medal na Targach Reklamy REMADAYS 2014
Złoty medal na MTP DREMA 2014
Srebrny medal na targach REMADAYS 2015
Srebrny medal na targach REMADAYS 2016
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