InfoTEC 3025 C

Work area (mm): 3000x2500
Head travel (mm): 50
Work speed (mm/s): 500
Travel speed (mm/s): 1000
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Ultra-fast cutter – CNC cutting plotter InfoTEC 3025 C.


The InfoTEC 3025 C is a very efficient CNC cutter for cutting cardboard, rubber, foam, leather, textiles, felt and many other materials. Engineers from InfoTEC CNC designed a CNC cutting plotter for companies that need high-performance machines for the repetitive precision cutting.


In its basic version, the CNC cutter has one working area with dimensions of 3000x2500mm connected to a powerful vacuum for secure material fastening. The CNC cutting plotter is fitted with an electric oscillating knife ULTRA-CUT with which it is possible to cut at speeds of up to 500mm/s.


The InfoTEC 3025 C is also available in extended version – XL fitted with an additional station to prepare the material for cutting. This is the automatic CNC cutter with which the performance can reach up to 200m2 per shift.


The InfoTEC 3025 C XXL is an automatic line for cutting fabrics, leather and other materials, fitted with feeder and collecting tables for finished elements. With this configuration, the CNC machine performance increases up to 350m2 per shift.


Safer, faster, cheaper!


Devices – CNC cutters of C series can be equipped with additional features that support the increase in production profitability. They help to reduce costs by limiting waste generation and allow effective management of the entire cutting process.


For more information, please address InfoTEC CNC representatives. Contact.



  • leather,
  • ecological-leather,
  • textiles,
  • felt,
  • cardboard,
  • foil,
  • rubber,
  • corrugated cardboard,
  • paper.
Złoty medal na MTP EURO-REKLAMA 2004
Złoty medal na MTP EURO-REKLAMA 2007
Złoty medal na MTP EURO-REKLAMA 2005
Złoty medal na MTP EURO-REKLAMA 2011
Złoty medal na Targach Reklamy REMADAYS 2012
Złoty medal na MTP DREMA 2012
Srebrny medal na Targach Reklamy REMADAYS 2014
Złoty medal na MTP DREMA 2014
Srebrny medal na targach REMADAYS 2015
Srebrny medal na targach REMADAYS 2016
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