InfoTEC 330 SQ

Work area (mm): 300x300
Head travel (mm): 150
Work speed (mm/s): 200
Travel speed (mm/s): 350
Spindle: from 2 to 8kW
Drives: Serwo AC
Material clamping system: T-groove/vacuum/hybrid
WEIGHT (KG): 1100
Approx. Size (mm): 1300x1300x1800
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A series of precision milling and engraving machines S and SQ has a positioning accuracy at the highest level, as the highest precision is required from them. The compact, monolithic design provides maximum rigidity, which perfectly absorbs vibrations generated during the machining of the material. As a result, the final product is free from any traces of vibration. One of the major items of equipment that allows us to achieve such high accuracy is a high speed spindle, which reaches the speed of 40.000/min. Thanks to it, the engraving machine can work at the feedrate of 300mm/s (18m/m).


For the S and SQ series we prepared various additional accessories which significantly improve their productivity and thus positively affect their profitability.


In addition, the SQ series thanks to the closed housing is ideal for clean rooms.


The engraving machines are most often used by tool workshops, engraving and jewellery workshops, design metallurgical plants, medical plants, and wherever there is the need for the highest precision of work.


To learn more on how we care for the highest quality of our machines, go to the section Quality and construction of machines.



  • MDF,
  • HDF,
  • chipboard,
  • solid wood,
  • plastics,
  • composites,
  • solid surface materials,
  • laminates.
Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2003
Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2004
Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2005
Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2007
Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2011
Gold Medal at REMADAYS 2012
Gold Medal at PIF DREMA
Gold Medal at REMADAYS 2014
Gold Medal at PIF DREMA 2014
Gold Medal at REMADAYS 2015