InfoTEC 3025 C XL

Work area (mm): 3000x2500
Head travel (mm): 50
Work speed (mm/s): 500
Travel speed (mm/s): 1000
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Compact, powerful cutter – CNC cutting plotter InfoTEC 3025 C XL!


The system of cutting leather and textiles – CNC cutter, InfoTEC 3025 C XL is a high-performance device for cutting rooms for precise and reproducible cutting. It is designed primarily for cutting materials such as leather (natural and ecological) fabrics and felts. The CNC cutter may be also used for cutting cardboard, rubber, foams and foil.


The InfoTEC 3025 C XL model is equipped with two working stations with dimensions of 3000x2500mm. The first one is used for video digitization (scanning) of leather pieces and detection of defects and for the best possible spreading of elements on the material – nesting. The second one is used for quick and precise cutting and for the collection of finished elements. Both work areas are connected with a strip of special, durable material, thus, reducing the time and work related to the cutter handling to a minimum.


The InfoTEC 3025 C XL is a response of InfoTEC CNC to the increasingly rapid changes in the furniture industry in which the demand for cutters is growing. They reduce cost of production while increasing productivity. This is beneficial solution that introduces savings in material consumption and contributes to the rational management of the machine park and its service.


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  • leather,
  • ecological-leather,
  • textiles,
  • felt,
  • cardboard,
  • foil,
  • rubber,
  • corrugated cardboard,
  • paper.


Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2003
Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2004
Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2005
Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2007
Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2011
Gold Medal at REMADAYS 2012
Gold Medal at PIF DREMA
Gold Medal at REMADAYS 2014
Gold Medal at PIF DREMA 2014
Gold Medal at REMADAYS 2015