InfoTEC 2015 5AXIS

Work area (mm): 2000x1500
Head travel (mm): 500
Work speed (mm/s): 500
Travel speed (mm/s): 700
Spindle: from 8 to 16kW
Drives: Serwo AC
Material clamping system: T-groove/vacuum/hybrid
Weight (kg): 4500
Approx. Size (mm): 3880x3850x3200
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InfoTEC 2015 of 5AXIS series is 5 axis milling centre for machining complex spatial blocks, inaccessible to traditional 3 and 4 axis CNC machines. Ability to perform a range of working motions on the Z axis up to 500 mm allows the creation of the most complex models of large dimensions in one clamping.


5AXIS – 5 axis machining centre is successfully used to create 3D models, production of forms – e.g. for washbasins, thermoforming, or casting, at the production of furniture components – e.g. chairs, stairs, cabinets, as well as in the automotive and aerospace industries. It is also ideally suited for cutting burrs of the material after thermoforming.


The use of modern control system with a powerful algorithm to set feeds and strong components makes it possible to achieve high cutting speeds while maintaining precision machining. Such technology allows you to increase the profitability of the creation of 3D models in short series.


InfoTEC 2015 5AXIS – 5 axis milling centre has a bed with a high rigidity and a large work table (2000x1500mm). The head is fitted with an L-type outrigger. 5 axis machining centre is also equipped with 5-tool linear storage. This option significantly improves the performance and allows you to automate the entire production process thereby limiting the functions of the operator and reducing the time devoted to the machine operation to a minimum.

Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2003
Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2004
Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2005
Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2007
Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2011
Gold Medal at REMADAYS 2012
Gold Medal at PIF DREMA
Gold Medal at REMADAYS 2014
Gold Medal at PIF DREMA 2014
Gold Medal at REMADAYS 2015