InfoTEC 1210 F

Work area (mm): 1200x1000
Head travel (mm): 200
Work speed (mm/s): 150
Travel speed (mm/s): 200
Spindle: up to 4
Drives: Serwo AC
Material clamping system: T-groove/vacuum/hybrid
WEIGHT (KG): 450
Approx. Size (mm): 1800x1400x1500
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CNC machine tool InfoTEC 1210 F of the economical series of milling plotters has a work area of 1200x1000mm. This is one of the smallest CNC milling machines of the milling plotter series offered by IntoTEC. The milling plotter of F series is equipped with a T-grooved table. You can also order a vacuum to fasten material firmly in place. CNC machines of this series in its basic version have digital servo drives and precision drive transmission system of Bosch Rexroth.


The milling plotter InfoTEC 1210 F is successfully used in enterprises where there is a small production space or small materials are machined. The CNC plotter may be additionally equipped with accessories which streamline the machine – CNC milling machine. The price is very reasonable and competitive. In particular when taking into account the quality of components and precision of workmanship.


Possible application of the milling plotter:

  • 3D milling
  • cardboard folding, foil cutting
  • engraving on Plexiglas
  • foam cutting
  • gasket cutting
  • Dibond breaking


Visit our Gallery to see the examples of the applications.


Materials machined:

  • composites – e.g. Dibond
  • plastics – e.g. acrylic, polycarbonate
  • wood
  • wood-based raw materials – e.g. chipboard
  • foams – e.g. Kappa
  • rubber and gaskets
  • corrugated cardboard, paper, foil
  • soft metals – e.g. aluminium, copper
  • and many others.


Representatives of InfoTEC CNC will be pleased to provide additional information on this series as well as on the others. Contact.


Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2003
Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2004
Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2005
Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2007
Gold Medal at PIF EURO-REKLAMA 2011
Gold Medal at REMADAYS 2012
Gold Medal at PIF DREMA
Gold Medal at REMADAYS 2014
Gold Medal at PIF DREMA 2014
Gold Medal at REMADAYS 2015